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If information is all it took we'd all be lean, rich and happy. See the difference community, accountability and expert guidance makes in your fitness journey.

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Meet Shan 

Shan's been working professionally as a personal trainer for over 8 years. He's worked with all kinds of individuals with varying injuries and health related obstacles. His expertise extends beyond fitness training as he actively teaches yoga to his local community as well as martial arts and wellness style classes for Kung Fu Life. He continues to hone his discipline and works to improve both as a student and teacher.

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What People Are Saying 

“Shan is fantastic. His enthusiasm and energy drive me to finish and meet our targets. Shan's process has allowed me to grow in my physical and mental health. After working with Shan for just 2 months I felt a noticeable improvement in my body and mood, loss in weight and gain in muscle strength. Thank you Shan for your amazing workout sessions and positive experience! Highly recommend."

Jennifer Segovia

"Shan is a great teacher! Very kind, explains the poses very well and helps correct your postures when needed. I've always felt completely relaxed and welcomed in the Structural Stamina circle. Can't wait for the next yoga series!"

Krista McEachern


“I cant say enough great things about Shan’s fitness and yoga instruction! Shan has a wide range of knowledge and listens to my concerns regarding my health issues, and he finds new and creative exercises that have helped my back/knee and shoulder pain immensely. Shan also has an amazing ability to create a calming and healing environment during each session, focusing on breathing and staying present in the environment. Not only do I feel physically better but my mental state improves as well”

Victoria Msuya

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