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After all we only get out what we put in. Fuel Proper. Feel Proper. 


Healthy Cooking Made Easy

A healthy diet is long time proven to benefit the systems of the body and fight off harmful diseases 

Health Conscious Options

Find gluten free, dairy free and plant based options.

Feel Nourished & Energized

Adequate recovery cannot be ignored. Experience vitality and fuel the body with what it needs.

Be Prepared

Skip the junk food. With healthy recipes at your fingertips you'll be prepared to simplify your meal prep and see how a little effort can go a long way!


Over 200 Recipes

Several Categories: High Protein, Vegetarian, Smoothies, Salads,  Soups, Breakfast, Holiday Cooking and more

Detailed Nutritional Profile

Each recipe includes the total caloric intake as well as macronutrient ratio of carbs - proteins - fats.


Ingredient list with portion size and simple cooking instructions for each recipe

Easy Access

The contents can be downloaded and viewed right from your device making it a perfect resource in and out of the kitchen 🔪🍅


"There's a common saying that goes you can't out train a bad diet. It's Shan here saying lets stick to the healthy foods, lets keep ourselves well nourished and energized so we can feel our best."


Get Inspired & Feel Your Best

Bring some great inspiration into your kitchen with access to over 200 healthy recipes   

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