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Learn fundamental techniques for achieving great long-term physical health

Join Shan in a series of videos where he shares his insights from working professionally in the health & fitness industry, as well as shares techniques borrowed from the Yoga & Martial Art traditions.

 Mobility Recharge is a video course that can be performed on your own time and at your own pace.

Course Benefits


Correct Posture & Alignment Issues


Develop your Flexibility & Strength


Reduce Stiffness in the Body


Improve Balance


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"After working with Shan for only 2 months I felt a noticeable improvement in my body and mood, as well as a loss in weight and gain in muscle strength. Thank you Shan for your amazing workout sessions and positive experience!"

Jennifer DeMille

"Training and Yoga with Shan is phenomenal. He always strikes the right balance to suit my abilities and push my limits. My strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance have all improved."

Jason Goobie

With 8 training videos in total, lessons are broken down into stretching techniques, mobility techniques, powerful stances, effective exercises & complete workouts. 

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