The Yogic Experience

Join Shan every Tuesday in a 45min Yoga Practice

Embrace The Present

Step out of the mundane and into the sacred. Experience the richness of this great tradition thats been beautifully preserved through the ages.

Express Human Body

Postures (asana) and Movement in Yoga will open and allow energy to circulate properly in the body. Benefit from my years of experience teaching proper technique in movement and attention to detail with form / alignment. Enjoy smooth easy to understand instruction leading you through each class.

Calmer State of Mind

Several techniques in Yoga like Breathwork and finding stillness help to relax our body and mind. This promotes a clearer state of mind and stronger connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Balance & Harmony

By the end of a Yoga Class it's common to feel an increase in mood and a more relaxed state. Let's bring ourselves into the present moment and combat the stressors of daily life with this beneficial practice.

Join From Home (Zoom)

Finally with virtual training trying to find the time is a thing of the past. 

No Equipment Needed

Just enough space to roll out that mat is all you need.

Beginner Friendly

Safe Space. Judgement Free Zone.  

Make Time For You 

You deserve a break. Join the class and do something your future self with thank you for!

What People Are Saying 

 "Shan's process has allowed me to grow in my physical and mental health. After working with Shan for only 2 months I felt a noticeable improvement in my body and mood, as well as a loss in weight and gain in muscle strength. Thank you Shan for your amazing workout sessions and positive experience!"

Jennifer DeMille
"Shan has an amazing ability to create a calming and healing environment during each session, focusing on breathing and staying present in the environment. Not only do I feel physically better but my mental state improves as well
Victoria Msuya
"Training and Yoga with Shan is phenomenal. He always strikes the right balance to suit my abilities and push my limits. My strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance have all improved. It’s an absolute pleasure to interact with him and I always look forward to our sessions together.
Jason Goobie

Awaken Body & Mind

Join Shan every Tuesday

6:00-6:45pm EST 

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